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Officials will register online for the clinic they plan to attend after completion of the modules.  Payment is made at the clinic by credit card or cheque.

Please register with the correct "Official Office".  For example, if you live in Saskatoon, please select "Official - Zone 6".  If you are unsure what zone your town is located in, click here to access the list of towns and their corresponding zones.

Click here to register for an officiating clinic

If you are having problems registering for a clinic, click here for step-by-step instructions on how to register for a clinic.

Below you will find the registration fees for the upcoming hockey season. These fees are paid at the clinic. If you do not pay your membership fee at the clinic, it will increase. See bottom of page for increased fees.  A $20 fee will be charged for all NSF cheques.

Clinic Registration Fee   $50.00

Membership/Participation Fees

 Inactive  $30.00 
 Junior - 17 & Under    $60.00 
 Senior - 18 & Older $105.00 
 Level IV $125.00 
 Level V $135.00 
 Level VI $155.00 

If you are a registered SHA sanctioned hockey player, coach or trainer deduct $40. 

Optional Items
(must be paid at clinic) 

Rule/Case Book  $15.00 
SHA Chest Crest  $6.00 
Hockey Canada Crest  $5.00 
Armbands (pair)  $15.00 
Officiating Manual   $15.00 

Total Referee Costs = Clinic Registration Fee + Membership Fee + Optional Items - $40 (if applicable)

If an official does not pay their membership fee at the clinic, the fee will increase. Below are the increased fees for an official who does not pay at the clinic. 

MAIL IN FEES for Non-Players, Coaches, or Trainers.

 Dec. 10
  Dec. 10
Inactive    $30.00   $40.00 
Junior - 17 & Under   $65.00   $85.00
Senior - 18 & Older  $110.00  $175.00 
Level IV  $130.00  $215.00
Level V  $140.00  $235.00
Level VI  $160.00  $275.00


MAIL IN FEES for Players, Coaches, or Trainers - Prices below already have the $40.00 subtracted from them.

 Dec. 10
  Dec. 10
Inactive    $30.00   $40.00 
Junior - 17 & Under   $25.00   $45.00
Senior - 18 & Older   $70.00  $135.00 
Level IV   $90.00  $175.00
Level V  $100.00  $195.00
Level VI  $120.00  $235.00


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