SHA Program Of Excellence Coaches, Scouts and Support Staff

Saskatchewan Hockey Association is beginning preparations for the 2012-13 Program of Excellence

We are soliciting applications for Coaches, Scouts, and Support Staff to work in conjunction with our Team West U-17 Male, Team Saskatchewan U-18 Female and Team Saskatchewan U-16 Male.


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Baseball - 33.1%
Tennis - 2.6%
Beach Volleyball - 3.3%
Golf - 40.4%
Soccer - 13.2%
Swimming - 7.3%

Total votes: 151

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@sask_hockey Big Thanks to the @NotreDameHounds 4 letting us run our Top 43 Female U16/U18 camps here again this year pic.twitter.com/SIJgQd95U6

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@sask_hockey Our Top 43 Female U18/U16 summer camps are ready to go! Camp starts tomorrow.#SaskFirst15 pic.twitter.com/JkfyddWsPx

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@sask_hockey Big thanks to @GatoradeCanada for keeping our Female Athletes Hydrated for #SaskFirst15 Summer camp pic.twitter.com/uc4SC6ARN4

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