Awards / Scholarships

The following people were awarded SHA Scholarships for the 2016/17 season;

Award Name Hometown
Zone 1 Georgia Kotylak Montmarte
Zone 2 Elizabeth Dornstauder Regina
Zone 3 Bailey Parr-Alexander Moose Jaw
Zone 4 Ben Cholin Kerrobert
Zone 5 Bailey Novak St. Walburg
Zone 6 Ethan Hill Saskatoon
Zone 7 Kyra Huber Wilkie
Zone 8 Braden Olson Melfort
Midget AAA Ireland South Melfort
Female Cassidy Hammett Regina
BF Lorenzetti Lane Bexson Lashburn


SHA Hockey Education Assistance


The Saskatchewan Hockey Association shall award a minimum of eleven (11) $1000.00 Hockey Education Assistance Grants each hockey season to a minimum of (11) registered members (male or female) of the SHA as follows:

8    -  Regional (zone) members (player, coach or member of the referees division)
1    -  Midget AAA registered player
1    -  Female registered player
1    -  Junior A, B, Junior, or Senior registered player

Each applicant must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must have been registered for three (3) years
  2. Must be a registrant in good standing in the SHA
  3. Must be graduating Grade 12 student during that year except for:
    1. Junior A, B, C players
    2. Senior players 20 years of age or under as of December 31st of the current season.
  4. Must be going to attend a Saskatchewan based University affiliate College, or SIAST.
  5. Must attend a Saskatchewan institution within (4) years to take advantage of the grant.
  6. Junior A grant recipients must attend a Saskatchewan post-secondary institute within
    1. Four (4) years if application requirement is a graduating Grade 12 student during that year.
    2. One (1) year, if application requirement is as a player 20 years of age or under as of December 31st of the hockey season.
  7. Recipients may only be eligible to receive the grant once.

Each applicant will be required to fill out and return an application form on or before August 31st of the hockey season.

Each application form indicates two (2) methods whereby a person may apply.  They can apply in the zone where the player’s home address is and/or the division of hockey they play in.  An example is a player whose home address Zone 1 and plays on a Midget AAA team; the player may apply in Zone 1 and also as a Midget AAA player; or the female player may apply in zone 1 and also as a female player.

The grant will be paid upon proof of enrolment.  The proof of enrolment will be in the form of receipts from the educational institution the recipient is attending.  The payment, which is to be applied to tuition and purchase of textbooks, will be made directly to the applicant.

A committee of three (3) Executive Committee members of the SHA will determine the recipients of the grant.  The President of the SHA appoints this committee.  The recipient will be announced by Sept 30th of the hockey season.

Applications forms can be downloaded below or may be obtained from the SHA office located at:

#2-575 Park Street
Regina, SK
S4N 5B2


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