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Hockey Canada has put its best-in-class skill-development resources into a new app, the Hockey Canada Network, giving coaches, parents and athletes at all levels the tools to succeed with drills, skills, videos, practice plans, and articles all available on a tablet or phone.

Available free on Google Play and iTunes, the app combines decades of experience and best-practices in easy-to-use information geared to coaches, but beneficial for anyone looking to hone their hockey skills.

“What many outside the hockey community don’t realize is that Hockey Canada is the primary source for, and we invest heavily into, coaching certification and the development of hockey skills and drills,” said Paul Carson, vice-president of membership development for Hockey Canada. “The Hockey Canada Network brings all of those crucial resources for coaches and players looking to develop their on-ice skills into one place. Whether you’re coaching at the elite level or helping out a local team of kids looking to have fun and improve their game, we’ve built the Hockey Canada Network as a go-to resource for ideas, plans, and skills and drills.”

From the moment it’s downloaded, the Hockey Canada Network offers free access to videos and articles, while more in-depth content can be accessed by subscribing for as low as $4/month (based on annual subscription).

The Hockey Canada Network includes videos and articles contributed by expert coaches, players, trainers, nutritionists, sports psychologies, and other leading experts in the game.

“We believe the Hockey Canada Network is going to be a game-changer for the sport. The amount of information and resources – all easily accessed based on age- and skill-level or topic area – is something we’ve always made available. Working with our partner AppColony has allowed us to put it all onto a coach’s smartphone or tablet, in one, easy-to-access app,” said Carson.

The app allows coaches to filter through hundreds of drills, select which ones they want for practice, and share the drills - including video of the drills - with their team. Players, and other coaches can now step on the ice already knowing what the drills look like. Less time is spent explaining, and more time can be spent practicing.

Discount Code

Please follow the steps below to download and purchase the Hockey Canada Network App for the special member price of $23

  • Go to the Hockey Canada Network online site
  • Select the subscribe option on the top right hand corner of the page
  • Select the Subscribe online and save option at the bottom of the page
  • Enter 1 in the Quantity box for the number of subscriptions you would like to purchase. (If you are purchasing multiple subscriptions for a region enter in the number you require)
  • Fill in the email address you would like your access code sent to (PLEASE ENSURE TO LIST YOUR EMAIL PROPERLY)
  • On the "Billing" page enter the promo code "HCCERT2017" and click "Apply". This will then lower the price for the App to $23.
  • Click Buy Now and enter in your credit card information. You should then receive an email with your individual 8-digit access code for the Hockey Canada Network App.
  • Next download the Hockey Canada Network App from either the App Store (IOS) or from Google Play (Android)
  • Create an account on the Hockey Canada Network App.
  • You can then enter your 8-digit access code and begin using the Hockey Canada Network App.

Click HERE for website.

Clink HERE for app tutorial.

Hockey Canada Drill Hub

Hockey Canada Drill Hub is a resource for players and coaches of all levels. It has a growing library of drill videos, diagrams and descriptions categorized by skills, age group and other criteria. Drill Hub is a great tool to help assist coaches with practice planning. Click the link to learn more!

Hockey Canada Core Skills

The following Hockey Canada charts outline to coaches as to what age they should teach various core skills to their players.

Skills And Drills

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