Willie Desjardins, head coach of the Vancouver Canucks - This podcast cover such topics as practice planning, the role of fun, and other issues in coaching.

Graham Tuer, Executive Member of the Saskatchewan Development Model - This podcast discusses the creation of the Saskatchewan Development Model.

Dave Tippett, Head Coach of the Arizona Coyotes - This podcast talks about the science and skills needed for coaching.

Rod Dallman, Provincial Coach Mentor - This podcast include working with parents, communication, the role of fun, long term athlete development, and other coaching issues.

Marc Habscheid, Head Coach of the Prince Albert Raiders - This podcast covers such topics as transitioning from player to coach, how players have evolved, bench management, creating culture, and other coaching issues.

Mike Rooney, Provincial Coach Mentor - Topics covered in his podcast include skill development, communication, the importance of organization, and other coaching issues.

Blaine Stork Coordinator Hockey Development and Coaching - Topics covered include skill development, mentorship, communication, and fun.

Glen Gulutzan coach with the Vancouver Canucks - Topics covered in this podcast include player development, hockey sense, role of failure, communication, bench management, culture, leadership, and mentorship.

Curtis Olsen, Provincial Coach Mentor - Topics covered in this podcast include resources for coaches, working with new coaches, communicating with parents, skill development and other topics.

Dave King, Coach - This podcast covers such topics as the relationship between hockey and the province of Saskatchewan, the evolving role of the coach and player, creativity, and other topics.


TheDrillBook: Game-Changing Technology and Coach Development for Saskatchewan Hockey Communities

TheDrillBook and Saskatchewan Hockey Association are proud to announce they will be beginning a partnership that provides coaches, players, managers and parents across Saskatchewan access to game-changing technology and a mobile application.

TheDrillBook, which was tested by more than 5,000 teams last year, changes traditional approaches to coaching and development, while revolutionizing the delivery of productive, innovative and fun practices. TheDrillBook is useful for teams at all levels, from Initiation to Midget. Coaches are able to manage their teams, perform all scheduling and managerial tasks, and significantly enhance the "development curve" for their players.

“TheDrillBook is a leader in youth sport development throughout North America, and the Saskatchewan Hockey Association is pleased to be able to provide coaches, players and parents with access to its resources," said Scott Frizzell, Manager Hockey Development. "Providing the hockey communities in Saskatchewan with high quality resources can only have a positive impact and help grow the game on all levels.”

Coaches can build and share video practice plans with the coaching staff, players and parents. There is also access to an age-specific comprehensive and innovative drill database and delivery system, giving coaches the option to build their own custom practice plans or choose a pre-built option. Coaches can also develop skills and tactics specific to the needs of an individual player. Scheduling and team management is also done with ease.

TheDrillBook offers three payment levels: Gold, Silver or Bronze. The bronze version is free!!!

Saskatchewan Hockey Association is an outstanding and forward-thinking organization and they impact so many young boys and girls in a positive way on so many levels. There are many success stories as a result of their hard work and commitment to youth hockey in their communities, and we are very excited to partner with them on this project,” said Mark Maloney, Chief Executive Officer of TheDrillBook.

Willie Desjardins, head coach of the Vancouver Canucks has included some of his favourite age- specific drills and games into TheDrillBook database for coaches to access. Other Saskatchewan alumni like Mike Babcock, Dave King, Dave Tippett and Glen Gulutzan will be featured on the platform throughout the year.

“It is great to see young players having so much fun working on their skills in creative games and drills. When players enjoy what they are doing they typically thrive. TheDrillBook provides this type of information on a very unique Mobile App to help coaches work effectively with their teams without having to spend a bunch of time searching for ideas,” said Desjardins.

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