Skill Licensee Information

The Saskatchewan Hockey Association (SHA) welcomes your interest in becoming a Skill Licensee. To view current Skills Licensees, including pictures and bio's please CLICK HERE.


The goal of the SHA’s Skill Licensee Program is to expand and improve our skill development for youth players in the Province, while forming and maintaining relationships with all Minor Hockey Associations.


The purpose of having qualified skill speciality instructors in Saskatchewan is to better the skill development of Youth Hockey Players in the Province.


  • Recruit Individuals/Companies who are interested in becoming a skill licensee
  • Educate those Individuals/Companies
  • Allow those Individuals/Companies to be marketed as well as insured with Saskatchewan Hockey Association as approved development representatives


  • Power Skating
  • Skills
  • Checking
  • Developing Defenseman
  • Goaltending


  • Fill out an SHA Licensee Application Form
  • Completed Respect In Sport
  • Submit a Criminal Record Check
  • Submit a Resume
  • Attend a mandatory SHA Professional Development Training Session each year (Dates TBA)
  • All Licensees will be approved on an annual basis (September 1st to August 30th)
  • At the conclusion of each year, licensees will have to complete a renewal form


  • Develop an application and assessment program to attract and approve licensees
  • Develop and deliver a professional training session for all licensees
  • Develop & administer tracking and evaluation controls and protocols
  • Support licensees with logo recognition, promotion and insurance
  • Provide the Insurance form to all Skill Licensees


  • Attend a Saskatchewan Hockey Association Professional Development Training Session
  • Market themselves to Minor Hockey Associations within Saskatchewan
  • Pay an annual SHA licensee fee of $1,000
  • Complete the insurance form prior to each event


For insurance purposes the licensee is responsible for submitting a completed Insurance Form to SHA prior to each event. All players that are not registered with SHA will be required to pay a $40 insurance fee. The licensee has the choice to add $40 fee to the individual’s price or build it into the cost of the camp.


  1. Can anyone become a specialty skill licensee? Yes. As long as all the above criteria is completed.
  2. Can I become licensed in more than one skill area? Yes. You can choose whichever ones you like or are comfortable teaching.
  3. Can I become licensed without taking the Professional Development Training session? No. The Professional Development Training session is mandatory for everyone. Dates of training session TBD.
  4. As an SHA licensee who do I deal with? All licensees will deal directly with the Minor Hockey Associations.
  5. As a licensee of SHA who decides on the rates to charge the MHA? All licensees will setup their own rates, and get paid directly from the Minor Hockey Association.
  6. Do I have to wear a tracksuit from SHA while on the ice? All approved Skill Licensees will receive an SHA track suit to wear on the ice.
  7. If I have a track suit from my own company can I wear that instead? Yes. All Licensees are encouraged to ask for permission from the SHA if they can add an SHA logo to their current track suit. All licensees will be responsible for all costs endured.
  8. When do I have to pay my Licensing fees?  All fees are to be paid in full by November 15th /2016. We would prefer all payments to be made via credit card.
  9. If I am travelling do I collect mileage? The licensee can charge mileage to the MHA. We suggest that if you are charging mileage you charge $.40/ KM. Or this can be built into the cost that the licensee charges the Minor Hockey Association.
  10. Can I choose what age groups I want to work with?  This will depend on the needs of the Minor Hockey Association. I guess if you don’t want to teach the age group given to you by the MHA, the SHA will move on to the next Skill Licensee.
  11. Will SHA help promote me as a skill licensee? Yes. The SHA will have the licensee’s contact information posted on our website.


The Saskatchewan Hockey Association is very excited about the Skill Licensee Program. The SHA feels that this gives us a better chance to develop the skills of our youth players. This also gives all the Minor Hockey Associations an opportunity to meet and form relationships with all the Skill Licensees.

If you would like to know more information on the Skill Licensee Program, please contact Blaine Stork at or Matt Miller at or by phone at (306) 789-5101.

You are able to print/download the SHA Licensee Info Package.

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