Co-ed Dressing Room


From atom and down mixed genders may change in the same room at the same time with the presence of two adults. Players Pee-wee and higher may not change in the same room at the same time and it is the responsibility of the coach to ensure all are involved in both the pre-game and post-game activities.

In response to 2000 complaint in which Hockey Canada participated in a mediation session with the Ontario Human Rights Commission. Results of the mediation session proved to be very positive and assisted in creating direction for our membership in working within the policy that currently exists. The following was agreed on by all parties involved with the mediation process, and was subsequently approved by the Commissioners of Ontario Human Rights:

  1. When separate facilities exist for both male and female participants, males and females shall make use of these separate facilities.
  2. If the facility does not have separate changing areas available, players shall address the issue by dressing, undressing, and showering in shifts. It is the responsibility of the team to provide a plan that will ensure the safety of individual players when they are dressing, undressing and showering.
  3. The Canadian Hockey Association shall communicate with the Branches this agreement as a minimum method of resolving this issue.
  4. That individual teams shall be free to relax these rules/guidelines to best address the needs of all participants if the team agrees with an alternate plan.

The hope is that this will clarify the policy set by the Hockey Canada and assist Branches in giving direction to their membership in regards to this issue. It must be stressed that the intent of the policy is to create a safe, comfortable environment for all of our players.

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