Alternate Season – Spring/Summer Tryout Time 


To:          SHA Membership
From:      Kelly McClintock, General Manager

Re:        Alternate Season – Spring/Summer Tryout Time 


Nov. 24th, 2020


The SHA Alternate Season – Guidelines/Regulations are found on page 180 of the current SHA Handbook and it states:

“Spring/Summer Teams will have the following timeframe to conduct legitimate tryout sessions and/or skates: December 24 – 31 annually.”

Within this COVID season there is a shutdown of games from December 17 – 31. Teams currently registered and playing within their mini league will be able to practice as a team through the shutdown period until games resume after January 1, 2021.

If players or team officials are involved in Spring/Summer tryouts or group activity related to Spring/Summer Hockey they are now subject to the fourteen (14) day washout period guidelines of the Ministry of Health related to Sport.

Therefore, in consultation with the Government of Saskatchewan Business Response Team the following directive has been put in place:

“Any players, team officials or officials that take part in non-sanctioned Spring/Summer Hockey tryouts/group activity between December 17 and 31 must fulfill a fourteen day “wash out” period following the tryouts/group activity and therefore will not be eligible to return to their SHA Sanctioned Hockey team for any activities until January 15th. Individuals found to be in violation of this directive will be subject to disciplinary action.”

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the SHA Office

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