Earn A 20 Level High School Credit and Become Certified As A Hockey Official Through The SHA Officiating Development Program.


Hockey Officiating 20L

Hockey is a sport loved across the province of Saskatchewan. This course was designed for hockey officials as well as hockey players. Both need to understand the rules of the game and how they are implemented to maintain the integrity of the game.

The course elective, Hockey Officiating 20L, covers a multitude of topics that would be covered in a general 1 day clinic. The difference being is that these topics have been expanded with more resource materials geared towards enriching the course content. The teaching points follow the SHA Officiating Branch Workbook which would be considered our primary textbook for the course. More in depth content has been added to these topics as well as a number of other teaching components such as Nutrition, Sports Psychology, Mental Preparation, Officiating Portfolios, Education Portfolios, Hockey Portfolios as well as video clips from WHL, SJHL and AAA Hockey Leagues. A number of high level guest speakers from all levels of the hockey and officiating world has been an added to the course outline. These include: Brad Meier, Graham Skilliter, Brad Watson – NHL Officials, Brad Harrison - Trainer for the Edmonton Oilers, Damon Severson - Defenceman for the New Jersey Devils. A number of local guest speakers are also highlighted, such as Trevor Norum Officiating Development Committee Chair, Tarrington Wyonzek - American Hockey League Official, Bryce Sebastian – WHL Official, Trent Cey – SHA Manager of Officiating Development. All of these dynamic individuals are from Saskatchewan and their stories are full of inspiration and anecdotes.


Work Within Your Existing Timetable

In addition to your existing courses in your high school timetable, students can enroll in our online course and study at a pace, time, and place that works for them. Course notes, instructional videos and related resources are online and accessible 24 hours a day.

Our teacher, Garry Gawryliuk, whose involvement with the SHA Officiating Development Program has encompassed over 40 years, is available to answer questions, clarify content and offer guidance through e-mail, zoom or phone as needed. Beginning in September, the Hockey Officiating 20L class will be available through the Moodle platform. Each Wednesday during the hours of 12:15 pm and 1:15 pm, enrichment and intervention opportunities will exist through a synchronous format for students to participate through web conferencing.


Available for All Saskatchewan Learners

The Good Spirit School Division will offer the Hockey Officiating 20L Course to learners across the province. Garry Gawryliuk will deliver the course to all students enrolled. For students outside of the GSSD, the cost of the Hockey Officiating 20L course is $300 Payable to the Good Spirit School Division and has been approved through the Ministry of Education as a High School Credit. Participants wishing to audit the class can do so at a cost of $200. Likewise, the Saskatchewan Hockey Association has endorsed this class as an opportunity to provide more in-depth discussion and understanding of the role of an official above the required hours of training that is implemented by Hockey Canada to be a certified official. Many hockey players as well would benefit from this class with the knowledge of knowing the rules as well as participating in all the extra resource areas of the content curriculum that was added to the course.

“We are excited with the possibilities that this course may expose new participants to officiating hockey and help with the development of those who have already been certified officials in the past.” Trent Cey (SHA Manager, Officiating Development)

For more information please contact:

Thad Swidzinski, Online Learning Principal

Phone: 306-641-9128

Email: Thad.Swidzinski@gssd.ca




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