Government of Saskatchewan/Ministry of Health Announcement Update Nov. 27



To: SHA Membership

From: Kelly McClintock, General Manager

Re: Government of Saskatchewan/Ministry of Health Announcement


Nov. 27th, 2020


Attached you will find an updated version of our  to address the guidelines to sport that were announced by Dr. Shahab on Wednesday (Nov. 25th). Please share these with your members.

I also want to encourage you to have your teams to adapt to the new guidelines that are in place till December 17th. It is important for our youth to keep active for their physical and mental well being so please encourage your parents to continue bringing their children to the rink and take all the measures possible to ensure the environment is safe for them.

Please continue all the pre-event screening, contact tracing activities that have been in place since we have returned to the ice.

I know this has been a disappointment to everyone, however let’s look at this time as one to focus on the kids skill development and conditioning so that when we return to playing games in January and they are prepared/excited to participate!

Thank you.

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