MHA Survey of Player/Coach Programming



To:      SHA Member Minor Hockey Associations


From: Kelly McClintock, General Manager


Re: MHA Survey of Player/Coach Programming


Feb. 12st, 2021       


Recently the SHA conducted a survey of the registered Minor Hockey Association seeking feedback on what programing is being offered by MHA’s for Player and Coach Development. A big thank you to the 108 MHA’s who responded to the survey.

Some takeaways that we have assessed are the following:

  • Look at creating a job description for an MHA Board Member to be assigned responsibility for overseeing player/coach development and working with Sha Staff and Skills Licensee’s.
  • Identifying Individuals/companies that are conducting skill development programming with MHA’s and inviting them to be a Skill Licensee of the SHA
  • Conducting a weekend seminar/educational piece for all Skill’s Licensee’s and other instructors along with MHA people of what to focus on in the Player skill development sessions.
  • Promotion of more coaching education through webinars/podcasts to assist in coaching development.
  • We felt it was positive to see the number of instructor that are hired for Power Skating/Skating instruction for players although there also requires greater area of focus in goaltending/defenseman and teaching checking. These areas can all be emphasized in the weekend educational piece the SHA’s Development Team are planning
  • Encouraging to see the acknowledgment of the SHA U7 Coach Mentors but also shows that MHA’s need to develop Coach Mentors and Goalie Coach Mentors

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