SHA Annual General Meeting 2020 Summary




To: SHA Membership    

From: Kelly McClintock, SHA General Manager

Re: SHA Annual General Meeting Summary


June 22, 2020


The following is a summary of what occurred during the recent SHA Virtual Annual Meeting held on Saturday, June 20, 2020.

The SHA Board of Directors elected Tim Hubic from Weyburn to serve as the next SHA Chairperson of the Board of Directors.

Mary Anne Veroba was recognized as the outgoing Chairperson and for her twenty years of contribution to the Board of Directors.

Tom Renney, CEO of Hockey Canada and Scott Smith, President and COO of Hockey Canada spoke at length to the delegates present and answered questions.

The SHA Audited Financial Statement and Executive Summary that was posted on the SHA website was approved.

All Bylaw Notices of Motion that were circulated to the Membership prior to the AGM were approved. Attached is the AGM Document circulated to those present during the virtual call.

SHA Board of Directors for the 2020/21 season are as follows:

  • Chairperson          Tim Hubic, Weyburn
  • Officer                  Len Thomas, Saskatoon
  • Officer                  Edward Watson, Eston
  • Officer                  Warren Stevenson, Clavet
  • Officer                  Sterling Switzer, Regina
  • Officer                  Chad Holinaty, Springside
  • Officer                  Trevor Norum, Tisdale
  • Zone 1                   Kyle Hoium, Midale
  • Zone 1                   Ryan Hennie, Weyburn
  • Zone 2                   Keith Jeannot, Regina
  • Zone 2                   Sarah Hodges, Regina
  • Zone 3                   Greg Haubrich, Swift Current
  • Zone 3                   Cortney Lacelle, Moose Jaw
  • Zone 4                   Darrell Halarewich, Melville
  • Zone 4                   Vacant
  • Zone 5                   Kent Armbruster, Wadena
  • Zone 5                   Vacant
  • Zone 6                   Aaron Dymterko, Saskatoon
  • Zone 6                   Kevin Karakochuk, Saskatoon
  • Zone 7                   Joe Larre, St. Walburg
  • Zone 7                   Jeanne Gilchrist, Cut knife
  • Zone 8                   Rob Pollo, Tisdale
  • Zone 8                   Holly Petit, Buffalo Narrows




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