SHA Spring Zone Meetings

On behalf of the SHA Board of Directors we would like to invite the President of each Minor Hockey Association/Minor League/Senior League and their guest to their respective SHA Virtual Zone Meeting in the upcoming weeks.

The following is a schedule of the Virtual Zone Meetings:

Zone 1 & 3                            Monday, March 29th                          6:00 pm

Zone 4 & 5                            Monday, March 29th                          8:00 pm

Zone 2 & 6                            Tuesday, March 30th                           6:00 pm

Zone 7 & 8                            Tuesday, March 30th                           8:00 pm



Zone Director Elections – Announcement of Election Results from Previous Week Online Voting

Governance/ Change Management – Comprehensive Review of the SHA Bylaws

SHA Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Project

SHA Website/Handbook/Rebranding

MHA Assistance

  • MHA Matching Grant Program
  • Officiating Standards for MHA’s
  • Survey Results for MHA Development Programming
  • Mandatory Criminal Record Checks for all Team Officials over 18
  • Coach Mentorship Recruitment
  • Other Opportunities for the SHA to Assist MHA’s
  • Templates for Constitution, Bylaws, Regulations/Policies; Virtual Training on how to conduct an effective Meeting; Recruitment of Volunteers; etc.

Sask First Update

SHA Provincial Minor Hockey Leagues – Expansion Guidelines (Male and Female U18 AAA; Male AA; Female Provincial League)

SHA Provincial Male 15-year-old League - Analysis



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