U9 (Novice) Hockey – 2020/21 and Future




To: SHA Membership
From: Kelly McClintock

Re: U9 (Novice) Hockey – 2020/21 and Future


May 6th, 2020


The SHA Board of Directors recently met and decided on the future of U 9 (Novice) Hockey in the Province.

For the 2020/21 season:
- The transition to Full Ice on January 1 will still be allowed with the following alterations to the Game Structure:

  • Still allow the flexibility to play 3 on 3; 4 on 4; or 5 on 5; depending upon the team composition and strength on any given day.
  •  Allow the flexibility of using the skill zone if Teams/Team Officials wish.
  • Allow the flexibility of using the benches if Teams/Team Officials wish.
  • The Half Ice game is still from the “red line in”.
  • Allow flexibility on the timing of the game dependent on the amount of ice time that is available:
    •  if a one-hour time frame is available, use the model of two twenty-four (24) minute halves with two-minute shifts as was in place this year.
    • if a ninety minute, or two-hour time frame is available, use a model of two thirty (30) minute halves or three twenty (20) minute periods all with two-minute shifts but stop the clock at the end of every two minute shift

For the 2021/22 season and beyond:

  • The SHA will join the rest of the country and play Half Ice hockey at the U9 (Novice) age division for the entire season with the alterations to the Game Structure as outlined for 2020/21.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact myself or anyone on the SHA Board of Directors.

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