Zone Director Nominations

The following Nominations have been received from the Membership regarding open Zone Director positions on the SHA Board of Directors.

In Zones where there are more than one nomination, an election will be held during the upcoming Zone Meetings whereby each Registered Minor Hockey Association and League in attendance will have one vote.

In Zones where there is only one nomination that individual will begin their term as a Zone Director on the SHA Board of Directors as of the completion of the SHA Annual Meeting on Saturday, June 11, 2016.

In Zones where there are no nominations were received, the SHA Board of Directors have the right to appoint individuals to those Zone Director Positions.

The nominations that were received are as follows;

Zone 1
Brad Robinson, Estevan 
Zone 2
Nothing Received
Zone 3 
Greg Haubrich, Hodgeville
Zone 4
Nothing Received
Zone 5
Warren Steveson, Clavet 
Zone 6
Len Thomas, Saskatoon
Zone 7 
Jeff Fechter, Meadow Lake
Darrell Sheils, Pierceland
Edward Watson, Eston
Zone 8
Sterling Switzer, Prince Alber

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