JUNE 23, 2017


Chairperson Mary Anne Veroba called the 105th Annual General Meeting of the Saskatchewan Hockey Association to order at 1:00 pm.

Chairperson Veroba introduced the Board of Directors who were both present and not present along with the new incoming Directors.

Mary Anne Veroba,                 Chairperson
Randy Magnus,                       Officer
Brent Zbaraschuk,                  Officer

Tim Hubic,                               Officer

Gary Orthner,                          Officer

Ken Symenuk,                        Officer (Regrets)

Wayne Nogier                         Officer

Trevor Norum,                         Referee-in-Chief

Todd Lumbard,                        WHL Representative (Regrets)
Bill Chow,                                Junior Representative (Regrets)
Brad Robinson,                       Zone 1 Director (Regrets)
Erik Knudsen,                         Zone 2 Director (Regrets)

Greg Haubrich,                       Zone 3 Director
Tracey Stenson,                      Zone 3 Director
Chad Holinaty,                        Zone 4 Director

Pete Hubick                            Zone 4 Director

Warren Stevenson,                 Zone 5 Director
Len Thomas,                           Zone 6 Director

Aaron Dymterko                      Zone 6 Director

Edward Watson                      Zone 7 Director
Trevor Finlay,                          Zone 7 Director (Regrets)

Sterling Switzer                       Zone 8 Director

Ken Person                             Zone 8 Director (Regrets)

Incoming Directors

Brian Archer                            Zone 3 Director



Derek Derow,                          Senior Manager Operations
Kelly McClintock,                    General Manager


Mary Anne Veroba recognized two people who would be leaving the Board of Directors; Ken Symenuk who has been a member since 2005; and she presented a plaque to Tracey Stenson for her services on the Board.

Moment of Silence

Chairperson Veroba requested a moment of silence to be observed for those members of the hockey community in the province who had passed away during the year.  She specifically referenced the following individuals; Dustin Pratt; Tanner Kaufmann; Gerald Noble; Gordon Coward; Sandie Knudsen; Michael Gerbrandt; William (Bill) Owens; George Sinclair and Jared Moffat.


Chairperson Veroba advised the attendees that as per SHA Bylaw 2.03.01 b) i) “The SHA Board of Directors may amend or alter the Regulations or Playing Rules of the Association for the betterment of Hockey in the Province of Saskatchewan including, without limiting the foregoing, the better government, organization and administration of Hockey, if the Board, in its sole and absolute opinion and discretion, may consider desirable”.

The Board of Directors made amendments to the Association Regulations in April and the Membership was advised of those changes.

Acceptance of Minutes

MOTION:        Pete Hubick/Tim Hubic to accept the Minutes of June 1, 2016 SHA Annual Meeting as presented.


Chairpersons Report

Chairperson Mary Anne Veroba referred the delegates to her written report circulated within the AGM Binder and touched on the following items;



-           There currently are five vacancies on the Board of Directors for Zone Director positions.

-           The SHA Board has begun to discuss what the top risks are within the Association and how best it is to mitigate those risks.

Hockey Canada

-           Former SHA President Al Hubbs was re-elected to another term on the Hockey Canada Board of Directors.

-           The SHA has several members involved on various committees of Hockey Canada.


-           The 2016 National Women’s Under 18 Championship held in Regina was a great success and generated a profit of $17,634.

-           The 2017 Cameco Hockey Day in Saskatchewan event held in Shellbrook raised over $180,000 for upgrades to their facility.  The secondary event in Pinehouse was also a great success.

-           The SHA hosted a Western Officiating Summit in Regina involving the four Western Provinces plus the WHL.  The result of the event will see greater cooperation between the four Western Branches in the delivery of officiating programming.

-           A SHA Goaltending Summit was held in March and the outcome will see new programming in the Fall that will see MHA Goaltending Instructors/Mentors being trained by the SHA.

-           Changes to the Sask First program saw a Regional Camp concept be incorporated replacing the previous Zone Camp one.  The results were positive and it will continue.

-           The Hockey Canada Foundation Gala was held in Saskatoon in June and will leave behind substantial dollars for hockey programming in the province.


Activities & Other Highlights

-           SHA participated in the 3-year review with Sask Sport of hockey’s activities coinciding with their Annual Funding Assessment. The SHA’s Annual Funding from Sask Sport will see an increase.

-           Through the Fall and Spring Zone Meetings, there were two playing rule changes initiated and supported and that will be in place for the 2017/18 playing season;

:  No change icing shall be implemented at Bantam AA level and higher through Midget, Junior and Senior and be from the defensive blue line and in.

:  That Face Offs shall be moved to the offending teams end upon a penalty in all ages and levels of hockey.

-           The SHA AA/AAA Committee will continue a review of the framework of AA/AAA hockey, male and female, in the Province.  It is hoped that some recommendations will be made for debate and discussion from the Committee to ensure hockey flourishes and is in the best interest of all players.


What to Look Forward To

-           The Sask Hockey Hall of Fame Dinner will be held July 22 in North Battleford.

-           Cameco Hockey Day in Saskatchewan will be held in Zone 4 in Balcarres.

-           The Allan Cup will be hosted in Rosetown in 2018.

-           The Memorial Cup will be held in Regina in May, 2018.

-           The Hockey Canada Spring Congress will be held in Regina in May 2018.


MOTION:        Warren Stevenson/Fred Schraeder to accept the President Report as presented.


Auditors Report

Chairperson Veroba asked General Manager Kelly McClintock to come forward to speak on the Audited Statement contained within the AGM Binder.  Kelly referred the delegates to his Executive Summary of the Audit contained in the binder.  He further elaborated on the summary during a walkthrough of the Audited Statement. 

The Association experienced a surplus of $197,174 on operations over the past fiscal year.

MOTION:        Wayne Nogier/Warren Stevenson to accept the 2016/17 Audited Statement as presented.


MOTION:        Randy Magnus/Edward Watson to appoint KPMG Chartered Accountants Auditors for the SHA for the 2017/2018 Fiscal Year.


Question & Answer Period

Items brought forward;

-           There were concerns over the lack of consultation taken by the SHA Board of Directors prior to the decision to make Regina and Saskatoon geographical subdivisions for Female Hockey.

-           Considerable discussion about the future of Female Hockey and what is occurring throughout the province.

-           The SHA is seeing many exceptional Female Officials being developed in the province and being provided opportunities at Regional, National and International events.



MOTION:        Tim Hubic/Warren Stevenson to adjourn at 2:05 pm.


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