2018 SHA Board of Directors - Zone Director Positions


To:          SHA Membership
From:      Kelly McClintock, General Manager

Re:         SHA Board of Director - Zone Director Positions


March 8, 2018

As per SHA Bylaw 2.04.05 c) all nominations for SHA Zone Director Positions had to be submitted in writing to the SHA General Manager no later than February 28th, 2018.

Zone Directors will be elected at Zone Meetings conducted within the last two weeks of March and first week of April. Nominees are invited to attend the zone meetings to introduce themselves to the membership. Dates of the Zone Meetings are found on the SHA website.

As per SHA Bylaw 2.04.05 e) all registered Minor/Female/Junior/Senior Associations/Leagues in good standing will be to have representation at Zone Meetings. For the purpose of voting for the election of a Zone Director, each Association/League in attendance shall be entitled to one (1) vote via ballot.

Therefore, where there are more than two candidates a director must be elected by an absolute majority of the Member Associations/Leagues present. If no winner is declared on the first ballot, the candidate with the fewest votes will be eliminated from the second ballot and so on until one candidate attains an absolute majority.

When there are two open positions, the two successful candidates can make the decision on who will assume the one-year position and who will assume the two-year position. The alternative to this, is an election for the one or two-year position, with the majority votes elected into the two-year position.

The following list shows the vacant positions per zone and the Nominations received and listed in alphabetical order.

SHA Board of Directors - Zone Directors
Zone # Status Nominees


Two Open Positions

Election Required

 Tim Bear, Ochapowace
 Dave Knipfel, Weyburn
 Kyle Hoium, Midale
 Jason Holinger, Carnduff
 Memory Williamson, Weyburn
2 One Open Position  This position will be filled through a nomination process via Hockey Regina*
3 One Open Position
Election Required
 Jim Dekowny, Swift Current
 Greg Haubrich, Swift Current
4 Two Open Positions
Election Required
 Darrell Halarewich, Melville
 Chad Holinaty, Springside
5  Two Open Positions
Election Required
 Kent Armbruster, Wadena
 Warren Stevenson, Clavet

One Open Position

Election Completed by

Saskatoon Minor Hockey

 Kevin Karokochuk, Saskatoon
 Jamie Reinheimer, Saskatoon

Two Open Positions
Election Required

 Chris Keleher, Eston
 Edward Watson, Eston
8 Two Open Positions
Election Required
 Terry Ellis, Tisdale*
 Wayne Nogier, Melfort
 Sterling Switzer, Prince Albert

If you have any questions pertaining to the process, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you.

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