Zone Director Nomination


To:          Board of Directors
               Membership of the SHA
From:    Kelly McClintock
Re:        SHA Board of Director Officers/Zone Director Positions

February 9, 2017

As per SHA Bylaw 2.07.09 b) iii) and iv), the following Officer positions on the SHA Board of Directors were filled via an election by the Board of Directors;

         Officer     Pete Hubick, Southey
                         (Two year term)
         Officer    Gary Orthner, Raymore
                         (Two year term)
         Officer    Brent Zbaraschuk, Prince Albert
                         (Two year term)

As a result, these people will officially assume their Officer positions as of the conclusion of the SHA Annual Meeting on June 24, 2017 in Regina.

As per SHA Bylaw 2.07.09 c) ii) all nominations for SHA Zone Director Positions must be submitted in writing to the SHA General Manager no later than February 28th, 2017. Zone Directors will be elected at Zone Meetings conducted within the last two weeks of March.
Attached to this memo is a Nomination form which can be used to nominate an interested individual to the SHA Board of Directors. The following is a list of the incumbents that have a year remaining in their term as a Zone Director along with the open positions along with the Director whose term will be completed as of the SHA AGM;

Zone 1                                            Current Position
        Incumbent (1 yr left)        Brad Robinson, Estevan
        Two Year Term                 Vacant - Blaine McCormick, Emerald Park
Zone 2
        Incumbent (1 yr left)        Erik Knudsen, Regina
        Two Year Term                 Vacant - Dale Tesarowski, Regina

Zone 3
        Incumbent (1 yr left)        Greg Haubrich, Swift Current    
        Two Year Term                 Vacant - Tracey Stinson, Gull Lake
Zone 4
        Incumbent (1 yr left)        Chad Holinaty, Springside
        Two Year Term                 Vacant            

Zone 5        
        Incumbent (1 yr left)        Warren Stevenson, Clavet
        Two Year Term                 Vacant               

Zone 6
        Incumbent (1 yr left)        Len Thomas, Saskatoon
        Two Year Term                 Vacant - Aaron Dmyterko, Saskatoon  

Zone 7
        Incumbent (1 yr left)        Edward Watson, Eston
        Two Year Term                 Vacant - Trevor Findlay, Goodsoil

Zone 8                                        Two Open Positions
        Incumbent (1 yr left)        Sterling Switzer, Prince Albert    
        Two Year Term                 Vacant - Ken Person, Shellbrook

If you have any questions pertaining to the process please do not hesitate to contact one of the members of the Board of Directors or Chairperson Mary Anne Veroba.

*To access fillable pdf, first open, then dowload pdf for use.*

Thank you.



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