Return To Hockey - Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: November 27, 2020


Can an association/team split the ice into multiple surfaces with rink dividers to have more than one (1) group of eight (8) on the ice at a time for skill development/conditioning?

  • No.  Only a maximum of eight (8) players for the ENTIRE ice surface is allowed.

Are registered coaches/team officials included in the maximum eight (8) allowed on the ice?

  • No.

How many registered coaches/team officials can be on the ice with the eight (8) players? 

  • A maximum of two (2) coaches/team officials are allowed in all age division with the exception of Under-7, where a maximum of four (4) coaches/team officials are are permitted.

Can a team have 8 players on the ice with 8 players waiting on the player’s bench? 

  • No.

Is a player from one team allowed to train with a different team?

  • Yes, but only if that player is participating with a team that is within the same approved mini-league as his/her registered team.  
  • Once formed, training groups should remain as consistent as possible in order to limit contacts amongst the group.

If a team has a 2-hour ice block, can they have eight (8) players on the ice for the first hour and then another eight (8) players on the ice for the second hour? 

  • Yes.  Provided the two (2) groups remain separate at all times. This includes the use of dressing rooms and entering/exiting the ice surface.

Can the eight (8) players on the ice scrimmage against each other?  Either 3 on 3 or 4 on 4? 

  • No.  All eight (8) players must remain a minimum of three (3) meters apart from each other at all times.
  • The focus for coaches and players during this time should be skill development/conditioning only.

Can players eighteen (18) years of age and older participate on the ice for skill development / conditioning?

  • No. The public health order is very specific as the Provincial Government wants to allow children to continue with recreation activities.

Is a player from one team allowed to be a team official (ie guest coach, stick boy/girl) on another team?

  • No, given that they are already participating/playing on one team, they are not permitted to help with another team.

Are registered coaches/team officials allowed to participate in more than one training group?

  • Yes.

What if my team holds a practice outdoors? Are we allowed to have more participants?

  • No. The same guidelines apply to outdoor practices.

Face Covering

Do we follow the previously published SHA Face Covering Policy?

  • No. At this time you are required to follow the face mask requirements within the Government’s Re-Open Saskatchewan plan which states;
    • All players and coaches must abide by the required mask use and at least three meters of physical distancing between participants at all times.
  • Face coverings are to be worn at all times within the facility as per the indoor face mask requirements.

Are we allowed to use specially designed helmets with masks incorporated?

  • Facemasks, such as the Bauer Splash Guards are NOT allowed.

  • Facemasks such as the CCM Game On Player Mask are permitted.


What is the limit on spectator capacity?

  • The spectator capacity is maximum thirty (30). This does NOT include the participants on the ice.

Are rink concessions / canteens able to open?

  • Concessions are permitted to open and must follow the Government of Saskatchewan’s Re-Open plan. Concession workers are required to wear face coverings and maintain social distancing when possible.
  • Food and beverage service and consumption must be separated (i.e. cordoned off) from the primary activity area. Food or drink is not permitted in the activity area. Increases to spectator capacity will depend on COVID-19 transmission levels within Saskatchewan and approval from the Chief Medical Health Officer.

Contact Tracing

Are we still expected to perform contact tracing before hockey activity?

  • Yes.

What information is required for contact tracing?

  • All teams will be required to maintain a record of attendees. All players, spectators, staff and volunteers must be accounted for upon arrival and identified with their full name and phone number.

How long does our team/association have to keep records of contact tracing?

  • The contact tracing records are kept for a minimum of thirty (30) days.

Pre-Activity Screening

Are we expected to perform pre-activity screening before any hockey activity?

  • Yes. All Players and Team Officials will be required to complete the Government of Saskatchewan’s Self-Assessment Tool (online) prior to each hockey activity. The link to the self-assessment tool is provided HERE.

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