2017-18 SHA Referee’s Division Award Winners

Friday, April 27, 2018 - Being an official can often be a thankless job, and although officials don’t do it for the accolades or awards, the SHA Referee’s Division are very excited to be celebrating the efforts of thirteen (13) individuals for the 2017-18 season.

Each season, the SHA Referee’s Division Executive selects award winners from four of the eight zones for the Most Promising, Most Improved and Most Deserving Awards. Those award winners were selected from Zone 5,6,7 and 8 this season and will also be nominated to receive the Hockey Canada Awards in those same categories, which will be announced at a later date.

The Zone 5 winners are Matt Hogan of Outlook – Most Promising, Adam Gerwing of Lake Lenore – Most Improved and Yves Lalonde of Wynyard – Most Deserving.

Hogan, an 18-year-old official, will be graduate this year and has been officiating for seven years. He was exposed to the SaskFirst program this season, which led to a selection to referee at the Saskatchewan Winter Games in the North Battleford, where he worked the gold medal game.

Gerwing is in his ninth season as an official and has been a consistent official in his zone and has continued his development. He is a considered a go to guy for the zone coordinators to use for provincials in his area.

Lalonde has been officiating for close to two decades and has showed great leadership in the Wynyard area on and off the ice. He is a very well deserving recipient and replied, “I am honoured, but also very humbled to receive this award as we have many awesome officials in this zone,” after learning the news he was selected.

In Zone 6, Saskatoon, the winners are Steig Zarry – Most Promising, Reagan Babyak – Most Improved and Vance Jones – Most Deserving.

Zarry has been introduced to the Saskatchewan Officiating Development Model (SODM) this year at the Bantam AA level and shows a lot of potential to progress to higher leagues. He also worked at the Saskatchewan Winter Games as a linesman and is always striving to be a better official.

“Officiating has been a very significant part of developing him into a young man,” explained Ken and Tara Zarry, Steig’s parents. “The experiences with the hockey community, the personal growth and just sheer joy it has given him and our family, we really can't express our gratitude.”

Babyak has shown great improvements as a 5 -year veteran, who turned 17 last month. He will get an opportunity to advance to higher levels in the SODM in the coming years and has shown the interest and skills to continue his development as a strong official.

Jones has got back into officiating now for four seasons, after playing senior hockey and serving as a coach, manger and nearly every other position of a team’s staff. He is a guy that is always reliable and will help out with any game at any level, and showed great leadership this year with younger officials in Saskatoon.

The Zone 7 winners are Annika Kohlman of Tramping Lake – Most Promising, Chris Currie of Pierceland – Most Improved and Peter Sieben and Terry Fischer of Macklin – Co-Winners Most Deserving.

Kohlman comes from a community that doesn’t have a minor hockey association and so she makes the effort to travel to nearby communities and across the zone and province when given the opportunity to officiate. She has been developing through the Female SaskFirst Program for a few seasons and was selected to lines at the Saskatchewan Winter Games in North Battleford this year and the Female U18 SaskFirst Program in Regina.

Currie, similar to Kohlman, comes from a bit of a secluded area, as far as development opportunities. This season he has taken it upon himself to travel almost 400km one way to go to the Bantam SaskFirst regional camp to get more supervision and direction to help with his develop as official. The 18-year-old official has been wearing the stripes for seven seasons.

Co-winners, Sieben and Fischer, are both active officials and together lead the officiating program in Macklin. They help officials travel to clinics early in the season, do assigning and mentoring and have helped to develop some strong officials in that area of the zone.

The Zone 8 winners are all Prince Albert residents with Ty Skene - Most Promising, Calvin Schneider – Most Improved and Lyle Prokopetz – Most Deserving.

Skene like Hogan, was identified at the Bantam SaskFirst Camp and was selected to work the Winter Games as a referee and earned the gold medal game. Along with developing as a linesman in midget AAA, female AAA and PJHL this season, he has developed a strong reputation with fellow officials and will be one of the officials to watch as he moved up the ranks.

Schneider has developed into a Junior A and B referee this season and after being recognized as the zone’s Most Promising Official for the 2013-14 season he continues to improve. He has developed into a strong official in Prince Albert and around the province with provincial assignments.

Prokopetz is an active official, instructor, supervision and the RIC in Prince Albert. He spends countless hours working with the younger officials at the grassroots levels and has dedicated decades to officiating in his zone and the province.

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