Hockey Canada Branch Awards

Hockey Canada has three awards to acknowledge officials in each Branch.  The awards are Most Promising Official, Most Improved Official, and Most Deserving Official.  The SHA Referee’s Division selects award winners for each zone in the North and award winners for each zone in the South in alternating years.  From these selections, one award recipient is then chosen for the Hockey Canada Provincial award in each category.  For the 2015-16 season, nominations were accepted from the four Northern zones.  The following is a list of 2015-16 award recipients:

Zone 5    Zone 6
Most Promising William Eichorst (Humboldt)   Most Promising Adam Forbes (Saskatoon)
Most Improved John Fenton (Clavet)   Most Improved Brayden Glynn (Saskatoon)
Most Deserving Dean Elmy (Muenster)   Most Deserving Kevin Sparks (Saskatoon)
Zone 7   Zone 8
Most Promising Ben Cholin (Kerrobert)    Most Promising Carson McGregor (Prince Albert)
Most Improved David Speirs (Maidstone)   Most Improved Cody Fettes (Melfort)
Most Deserving Darwin Whitfield (Coleville)   Most Deserving Greg Muller (Shellbrook)


Hockey Canada Provincial Award Winners

Most Promising Official – Adam Forbes (Saskatoon)

Most Improved Official – Cody Fettes (Melfort)

Most Deserving Official – Darwin Whitfield (Coleville)

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