Spring Hockey Information for Officials

With Spring/Summer Hockey approaching, it is important that you fully understand what you are getting into.

  1. Spring/Summer Hockey may NOT be sanctioned by the Saskatchewan Hockey Association or Hockey Canada.
  2. NOT sanctioned means you have no insurance in the event you get hurt so you are on your own for any medical bills or lost income.
  3. NOT sanctioned means you have no insurance in the event a player gets hurt, so if the injured player sues you will be personally responsible for any judgement against you – possibly millions of dollars depending upon the injury.
  4. NOT sanctioned means the same suspension guidelines are not in place so in the event of Match on Official (for example) you have no one advocating for you on your behalf.
  5. NOT sanctioned means that the hockey leagues do not have to use certified officials so your partners on the ice may not be as fully qualified as you are.
  6. Lastly, you must remove or cover your SHA and Hockey Canada crests.  If you do not, you’ll be subject to discipline ranging from a fine to suspension.

Please be sure you fully understand what you are getting into.  Non-sanctioned hockey can be lucrative (they need to offer more to offset the risks outlined above) and it can be a good learning opportunity.  If you choose to take on the challenge, please keep your personal safety as your top priority.

It is each official's responsibility to determine if the hockey they are officiating is sanctioned or not.

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