When are the clinic schedules and online modules available?

  • The clinic schedules, online modules, and online payment will be available on the website in August each hockey season. 

Do I need to pre-register for an official’s clinic? 

  • Yes, officials will register online for the clinic they plan to attend. This is the third step in the registration process. If you need to attend a different clinic than the one you registered for, you must contact the SHA Manager, Officiating Development to make this change.

How do I pay for my fees?

  • All clinic and membership fees must be paid online by with registration each season for new and returning officials. No money for membership or clinic fees will be accepted at the clinics. Supplies ( Rulesbooks, SHA Crest, Hockey Canada Crest and Arm Bands) can be purchased at each officiating clinic.

How old do I have to be to become an official? 

  • Hockey Canada and the SHA recommended that officials be 12 years old as of December 31. However, the decision is up to the parent, official and local association. Please ensure to check with the local association that there will be games for younger officials to work as well as the required mentorship. Some local minor hockey associations have a minimum age requirement, but the SHA can certify officials as young as 9 years old as of December 31 depending on the official’s location.

Do all officials new and returning have to do the on-line learning? 

  • Yes, all officials across the province have to complete the on-line learning. Junior officials (17 and Under as of December 31) will complete the Hockey University online modules, while the Senior officials will complete the SHA online modules. The on-line learning has helped Saskatchewan to go to half-day clinics, which allows us to offer on-ice clinics immediately following many of the classroom clinics. The online modules must be completed prior to attending a clinic. Please provide the certificate at the clinic as proof of completion.

What do I do if I've forgotten my email/username to login?

What do I do if I've forgotten my password?

  • Click on "Forgot Your Password?", enter your email address, and your password will be emailed to that email address.

Where are the clinics located for the upcoming season?

  • To view a list of clinics across the province and see which communities are offering an on-ice clinic go to the clinic registration page on this website. This list will be posted by August.

My community has never hosted an officiating clinic but is interested this year. How can I make this happen?

  • Clinics will be booked by the Referee's Division annually and the process for that starts in February. Communities which did not host a clinic in the current season and would like to request to host a clinic in the upcoming season must notify the Manager, Officiating by email of their desire to host a clinic no later than February 1. Clinics are booked in February & March for the following season. Once the selected locations are confirmed their will be an open request for applications for other communities and a handful of additional clinics may be selected.

I am interested in becoming a Clinic Instructor or Officials Coach. How do I get involved?

  • Each season, all Clinic Instructors attend our Instructor's Seminar, which is held the weekend after the September long weekend. If you are interested in becoming a clinic instructor, contact your Zone Coordinator to express your interest. As for being a grassroots official’s coach you can contact either the SHA Manager, Officiating Development or your Zone Coordinator and they can explain the process and expectations.

Can I officiate in Saskatchewan if I'm a registered official in another province?

  • Although you are registered with another province, you will need to affiliate with the SHA. To do this, complete the affliation/transfer form online, which can be found on the Officials Registration Page. Once the affiliation has been processed, the official is eligible to officiate all levels of hockey in Saskatchewan.

How do I affiliate with Hockey Alberta once I registered in Saskatchewan?

  • Click HERE to view FAQ's regarding affiliation, including screening requirements and application processes.

What is the cutoff date for officials who were certified last season to work games?

  • The last date officials who were certified for the 2018-19 season can work games is December 7, 2019, although priority will be given to officials who have recertified and attended and clinic.

Do I need a Criminal Record Check to be an official in Saskatchewan?

  • Yes, all senior (18+) officials must complete a criminal record check. Official who complete the online modules and attended a clinic are not certified to work games until their Criminal Record Check has been approved by the SHA lawyer’s office. This process can take weeks or months so please plan accordingly. Criminal Record Checks submitted to the SHA are good for 3 years from the date it was issued.

For more information please contact:
Trent Cey
Manager, Officiating Development
Saskatchewan Hockey Association
Tel (306) 789-5101

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