Hockey University - Online Officiating Modules

Hockey University (HU) is an online training component for officials and team staff (coaches, managers, safety persons) across the country. HU allows the Saskatchewan Hockey Association to provide quality learning with a standard delivery message in servicing our members, specifically team staff and officials. With the use of online education, volunteers in Saskatchewan (and across the country) will now receive a consistent and user friendly educational program accessible at the convenience of the user. Over the past several years there have been many requests to provide an online service for coach & officials training. Hockey Canada and the Saskatchewan Hockey Association are pleased to now offer this flexibility and convenience to our members. Online education will benefit our volunteers in a number of ways – bringing hockey education into the 21st Century!

Hockey University is accessed through Hockey Canada eHockey. EHockey is your portal to access the Hockey Canada Profile. Once you register into eHockey, you can view all of your past or current teams you have been involved with either as a player or coach, officiating qualifications and you are able to register for Officiating Clinics.

Once available, Hockey University – which includes IP, Coach Stream, Hockey Safety and Officials educational information, will be accessible through your eHockey accounts. The Hockey University program, which consists of 12 modules for coaching, 12 modules for officiating and 18 modules for safety, has been designed to allow individuals to complete modules at their convenience and the modules may be revisited at any time during the year.

Hockey University - Officiating Modules:

  • Module 1 – Introduction and Welcome
  • Module 2 – Divisions of the Ice
  • Module 3 – Offside
  • Module 4 – Face-Offs
  • Module 5 – Three Basic Positions
  • Module 6 – The Two Official System
  • Module 7 – The Three Official System
  • Module 8 – Penalty Procedures & Signals
  • Module 9 – Working with Penalties
  • Modules 10 – Conflict and Communication
  • Module 11 – Game Reports
  • Module 12 – What Makes a Good Official

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