Goaltender Camps

The Saskatchewan Hockey Association Goaltender Development Program is all about development opportunities for young players. Fundamental skill development is the primary focus of the program, ensuring players receive the necessary learning opportunities to further enhance their skill base.

TEACHING TECHNIQUES - Station methods of instruction - four to six nets where new concepts are introduced daily. Our instructors break down each goaltending skill followed by a demonstration, proper instruction and repetition.  Qualified instructors from SHA will be present at each camp to assist with the fundamental skill development of each player, and to share coaching tips with your Minor Hockey Association coaches.

NET ORIENTATION – This will be focused on every day, the more practice moving, and being in position, the easier it is to stop the puck.

CLASSROOM - Instructional lectures, rules pertaining to goalies, proper conditioning, skill analysis, new theories, mental preparation, and substance abuse program.  Students will also receive a program on the mental aspect of the game that helped us become pro goalies.

SHOOTERS - All players shooting will also receive a one hour skill session.

For more information, please contact the SHA's Senior Coordinator Grassroots Development (mattm@sha.sk.ca)

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