The Female Celebrations are for NOVICE AGED GIRLS and are the first step in our Female Development Progression. The Celebrations are based around skill development, allowing only 50 participants per camp.

Aligning with Hockey Canada’s Long Term Player Development Plan, the Novice (Female players born in 2008 & 2009) are in the Fundamentals 2 Stage where the focus should be 75% on technical skills, 15% on individual tactics/skills and 10% on team tactics. All of our sessions – on-ice, off-ice, presentations – will stem from this model. The Celebrations are based around skill development, with each participant receiving proper instruction as they work through repetitions for each given skill while having fun!

Further Information:

  • 3 Celebrations held throughout the province each season (September-April)
  • 1 day camp
  • Each camp is capped at 50 participants (YES – you can register in as many Celebrations as you want per year)
  • The cost per player for the Celebration in Regina is $65 which includes a ticket to the National Women's U18 Championship
  • The cost per player for all other Celebrations is $60

Each participant will receive the following at each of the Celebrations:

  • 2 – 1 hour on-ice skill sessions
  • 1 – 1 hour off-ice skill session
  • 1 presentation
  • Jersey

Upcoming Celebrations

Aberdeen - April 22nd, 2017 -





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