Cross Ice Jamborees

What is a Cross Ice Jamboree?

The Saskatchewan Hockey Association released a new program called Cross Ice Jamborees. A Cross Ice Jamboree is a half day event that consists of four Initiation teams developing their skills in various skill stations as well as a chance to play Cross-Ice Games.

Two teams will play the Cross Ice game for 20 minutes, while the other two teams will be working on skill development at various stations. After the 20 minutes is complete the four teams will switch; the two teams that were playing the game will move to the skills, and the two teams that were doing the skills will move over and play the Cross-Ice game. Each team will get a total of three - 20-minute Cross Ice Games, and six - 10 minute sessions at the skill stations.

For more information on how to host a Cross Ice Jamboree please contact Matt Miller (

2017-2018 Cross-Ice Jamboree Statistics
54 Jamborees hosted
2,742 players attended


  • Taught by SHA Instructors.     
  • Taken from Hockey Canada’s Development Model.
  • All the skill sessions will use Blue 4oz pucks.


  • Games are 20 minutes.
  • Games can be played 5 on 5 or 4 on 4. The number of players will vary depending on each team.
  • There will be NO face-offs after a goal is scored, or after a line change. In both instances a puck will be shot in the corner to resume play.
  • The goal of the NO face-offs during the game is to ensure the players skate as much as possible during the 20 minutes.
  • Each game will be played with a Blue 4oz puck.
  • NO permanent goalies.
  • NO specific skater position.

The SHA would like to provide any Minor Hockey Association with the opportunity to host a Source for Sports Cross Ice Jamboree. The SHA feels that with Minor Hockey Associations involvement in a Cross Ice Jamboree, there will be an increase in the player's enjoyment of the game, while also increasing the education of the parents and coaches in a Cross Ice Format.

Duties of the Local Minor Hockey Association and SHA

This is FREE of charge for ALL Teams to enter the Cross Ice Jamboree

Minor Hockey Association

  • MHA covers the cost of the Ice
  • MHA has the opportunity to set up a raffle or prize table for fundraising
  • MHA will ask Coaches of the respective teams to help out during all on-ice sessions. The Coaches will get Mentorship from the SHA Instructors.
  • MHA will supply someone to work the clock during all on ice sessions. (20 Min on the clock with the buzzer going off every 2 minutes for a shift change)
  • MHA to assist the SHA at the Registration table
  • Have the Canteen open for snacks and lunch

Saskatchewan Hockey Association

  • Will cover the cost of the SHA Instructors
  • The SHA Instructors will deliver all the on-ice skill stations- with Mandatory help from the Initiation Coaches
  • SHA Instructors will set up the rink accordingly
  • SHA to provide the Rink Dividers

If you have any other questions in regards to hosting a Cross Ice Jamboree please email Matt Miller, or phone (306) 789-5101.

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