Novice Half Ice Events

What is a Novice Half Ice Event?

The Saskatchewan Hockey Association, aligning with Hockey Canada's Long-Term Athlete/Player Development Model (LTPD), released a new program called Novice Half Ice Hockey. Novice Half Ice Hockey Events are a half day event that consists of four Novice teams developing their skills in various skill stations as well as a chance to play Half-Ice Games.

​Basic Rules of Half Ice Games

  • Full-size nets will be used
  • 3-minute warmup. (Home Team will use the game zone and the visiting team will use the skills zone)
  • The half-ice game will be played 5 on 5 (skaters) and 1 goalie from each Team or both Teams may alter the format, 4 on 4 or 3 on 3, if the number of players on one or both teams is less than 10 skaters.
  • Games are 2 x 24-minute periods. (Teams will switch ends after the first period)
  • Players benches will not be used. Those players not participating in the half-ice game zone will be in the half-ice skills zone working with their coaches until the buzzer sounds and there is a line change which signals their turn to enter the game zone.
  • Officials will draw a dot in the middle of the game zone for all face-offs. Its is the responsiblity of the home team to provide bingo dabbers for drawing face-off dots, NOT the official.
  • Shift are 2 minutes, running time continuous play. (See below)
  • Buzzer sounds once at the end of each 2-minute shift; however, the clock continues to run.
  • There are no icing or off-side calls.
  • Score will be kept; however, goals and assists will NOT be recorded.
  • Goalies may not be pulled at any time.
  • Line matching must take place. The more advanced players from each team being matched against the more advanced players from the opposing team.

2019-20 Half-Ice Events Schedule

Below is a list of the Novice Half-Ice Events happening across the province this 2019-20 season.


Date Location
October 26th Oxbow, SK
November 3rd Gull Lake, SK
November 17th Elrose, SK
November 23rd St. Walburg, SK


For more information on hosting a Half-Ice Event, please contact:
Matt Miller
Senior Coordinator, Hockey Development
Saskatchewan Hockey Association
Tel (306) 789-5101


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