Frequently Asked Questions

Now that the Saskatchewan Hockey Association has developed and approved Cross Ice Hockey for ALL U7 players for the 2019-20 season, the SHA Board of Directors have developed the following FAQ’s to offer further clarification to Minor Hockey Associations or teams as they move forward with the new format.

  • What are the implications if I or our team doesn’t follow the cross ice or modified half ice mandate and simply use full ice for all IP activities?
  • The SHA Board of Directors has granted the following options to the Officer in Charge of Discipline, Tim Hubic for any reported violations reported regarding teams or Associations not following the cross-ice or modified half ice mandate at the Initiation Program level. An investigation may conclude with;
    • Letter of warning and probation to the MHA and Team
    • A fine of $500 levied upon the MHA
    • Eliminate any Tournament Sanctions being granted to the offending MHA
    • Prevent any teams from entering or hosting an SHA Sanctioned Tournaments from the offending MHA
    • Eliminate any entry into SHA Provincial Playoffs for any teams in the offending MHA
  • What should Under-7 Program game structure be?     
  • Should there be periods? If so, how long? What should the length of the game be?
    • Be Flexible! Make the game fit the time of your ice slot!
    • If there is a one-hour time slot play 2 – 25 minute periods with a short warm up
  • Should score be kept? If not, can we? Should scoresheets be completed?
    • Don’t keep score, there is no need to do so!
    • If you are hosting a tournament, simply fill out the game sheets to indicate what players and coaches participated in the event for insurance purposes but please do not concentrate on score!
    • The IP age division is about fun and skill development, not who wins a game!
  • What should referees do?
    • Have a young official be in uniform and drop the puck and get used to acting like an official but do not call penalties. If a young player does continually commit penalties direct him off the game area for a change and have his coach talk to him about that behavior.
    • Have the young official drop the puck at the beginning of the game. If you want to drop the puck after each goal, have the young official do so or simply throw the puck in the corner and let the kids keep playing.
    • The young official will get the opportunity to get the feel of the game, how to skate to keep up to the play and with the smaller area how to move to keep out of the play. All of these officiating aspects help ensure we develop & promote experiences for on-ice officials, which is an investment for the game as a whole.
  • Do we need timekeepers? If they blow the horn when should this be done? In what intervals?
    • If you use a time keeper, simply have them set the clock for 2 or 3 minutes to blow the horn for a change of players
  • What should the size of the nets be?
    • Your choice! Options include;
      • Full size nets
      • Modified smaller nets
      • Flip full sized nets over
      • Two pylons 4 feet apart
  • Should there be dedicated goalkeepers?
    • Absolutely not – don’t worry about goaltenders let the players simply play and have fun!
  • What are the options if we don’t have bumpers?
    • Have coaches on skates along Blue lines chipping pucks back into play
    • 2 x 4’s or 2 x 6’s
  • Should the player’s boxes be used and if not why not?
    • Recommend not using them as it simply wastes time
    • Have all kids on the ice and those not participating in the game portion can be undertaking small area skill development with another coach and be ready to interchange
    • Keep kids moving and on the ice the entire length of the ice time
  • Should games be 6 on 6; 5 on 5; 4 on 4; 3 on 3?
    • Again be flexible and it is your choice depending upon the number of players per team!
    • If there are 8 players on one team and 9 on the other – play 4 on 4 with the extra players doing skill development drills while awaiting their time to play in the game
    • If each team has 15 players have two games of 5 on 5 going on at each end with the extra players working on skills in the mid ice
  • Why can't we play full ice at some time later in the year? If we can what date can we do it?”
  • The mandate is for the entire year and there are no exceptions. The focus on this age group is fun, skill development and modified small area games

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