Welcome to the U9 Half-Ice Hockey page for SHA players aged 7 and 8 years old. This page serves as a resource for the upcoming season of U9 HALF-ICE hockey. Outlined below are the playing rules, game structure, regulations and other resources for U9 Half-Ice hockey.


  • All Games until January 1st are Half Ice with Skill Zone on opposite end
  • Exhibition games may begin Nov 15th
  • Tournaments games may begin Dec 1st.
  • Full Ice games may begin AFTER Jan 1st, including the start of league play
    • Teams have the following options for game formats after January 1st;
      • Continue to play half ice games with the half ice game format rules.
      • Play full ice with the half ice game format rules.
      • Play full ice like any other regular full ice game in an older age group.
  • If a League decides to have playoffs, they must be Tournament Style format over no more than two weekends.
  • 45 is the maximum number of games allowed in a season

Basic Rules of Half Ice Games

  • 3-minute warmup.
  • Officials will draw a dot in the middle of the game zone for all face-offs.
  • Shifts are 2 minutes.
  • For sixty (60) minute ice sessions, use the model of two twenty-four (24) minute halves with two (2) minute shifts
  • For ninety (90) minute or two-hour time frames, use a model of two thirty (30) minute halves or three twenty (20) minute periods with two (2) minute shifts but stop the clock at the end of every two (2) minute shift.
  • Teams may play 3 on 3; 4 on 4; 5 on 5 format, depending upon team composition and strength on any given day.
  • Skills zone is option, however games must still remain half-ice format up until Jan 1.
  • Teams are allowed to use the benches if they wish.
  • A face-off will take place at the start of every shift.
  • There are no icing or off-side calls.
  • Score will be kept; however, goals and assists will NOT be recorded.
  • Goalies may not be pulled at any time.
  • Line matching must take place. The more advanced players from each team being matched against the more advanced players from the opposing team.

Continuous Play and Change of Possession:

As identified by Hockey Canada as a core element in U9, one of the keys to improving the flow of each game and reducing the stoppages is to create continuous play, particularly on change of possession. These basic rules apply:

  • One coach from each team will assist in moving of bumpers/boards at the end of each shift.
  • A face-off will take place at the start of every shift.
  • There will be no stoppages in play during shifts; continuous play will be used. (Exception: Injury)
  • Puck shot out of play: Official blows whistle, defending team backs off and non-offending team gets possession.
  • Goalie freezes puck: Official- blows whistle, attacking team backs off and defending team gets possession.
  • Goal Scored: Official blows whistle, attacking team backs off and defending team gets possession.


The following guidelines apply to Minor Penalties during Novice Half-Ice Games:

  • Standard: Delayed penalty procedures are followed. (NOTE: Goalie can’t be pulled during delay)
  • The official calling the penalty blows whistle, identifies offending player and penalty.
  • Offending player is escorted to player bench by the official who called the penalty.
  • The second official gives possession to the non-offending team. (Offending team must back-off)
  • The offending player is eligible to return during the same shift if goal is scored by the non-offending team

Example Ice Surface:

For full list of rules and regulations, click on the "Novice Half Ice Memorandum" button below.

Welcome new minor hockey coaches and team staff! The following information will assist you and your team in being prepared as well as certified for the season.

Being new to the U9 Half-Ice game structure parents may have questions about regarding benefits, structure or a number of other things. Following the link below, Hockey Canada's "Introduction to U9 Hockey Program" is a great starting point for any parent to better their understaning of the Novice program. 

With the intorduction of U9 Half-Ice Hockey there are alot of questions surrounding the changes. The FAQ's section below has been developed by the SHA to help clarify the new format for Minor Hockey Associations, teams, parents and coaches.

The Saskatchewan Hockey Association is NOT making the Half-Ice boards mandatory for associations. They also form a barrier that defines where kids should be concentrating their efforts.

If associations are looking to purchase dividers or half-ice boards, we have provided a list of contacts below;

Half-Ice Dividers
Company Location Website More Info Contact
Saskatoon Bag & Case Saskatoon, Sk www.sbccase.com PDF
Athletica Sport System Waterloo, ON www.athletica.com PDF
Omni Sport Stony Plain, AB www.omnisport.ca  
White Ice Calgary, AB www.white-ice.com  
1 Stop Playgrounds Humboldt, SK www.1stopplay.ca  

Hockey Canada recommends the inclusion of officials at the U9 level. At this level a two-official system will be employed. The system provides officials with an opportunity to experience several aspects of officiating, while keeping the operating costs at a manageable level for the teams and minor hockey associations.

See link below to learn more about officiating U9 Half-Ice;

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