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The Saskatchewan Hockey Association understands the importance of safety measures, both on the ice and off the ice. The Rink Safe Saskatchewan page offers an assortment of resources for membership to use as best practices. The Safe Screening, Safe Ethics and Safe Policies are all components to creating a safe environment within your organization. These measures make up the three pillars of strong safety practice and are either recommended or required for all Minor Hockey Associations and Leagues across Saskatchewan.

Should you have any questions regarding the policies or recommendations within this page, please contact SHA's General Manager, Kelly McClintock at kellym@sha.sk.ca.


The Saskatchewan Hockey Associations practices the screening of both employees and volunteers that are involved in our organization. The Hockey Canada Screening Toolbox is a great resource when identifying your organization's screening needs. Screening is an on-going process designed to identify any person (volunteer or staff) who may harm children, vulnerable persons or your organization. Volunteer screening serves two main purposes:

  1. To create and maintain a safe environment
  2. To ensure an appropriate match between volunteer and task

The framework for the Hockey Canada Screening Toolbox includes ten key components called 'Safe Steps'. These steps can be used collectively or individually based on your organization's needs. Certain steps are crucial to the success of a strong screening processes. We recomend reviewing all ten steps of the Screening Toolbox to determine your organization's needs, and paying close attention to the following; Determining the Risk, Writing Clear Position Descriptions, Establishing a Formal Recruiting Process, Conducting Interviews, Following up on References, and Requesting / Requiring Criminal Record Checks and Vulnerable Persons Checks.

The purpose of screening through the use of Criminal Record Checks is to identify individuals who may pose a risk to the organization and its participants. In order to participate within the following SHA Governance structure positions and SHA programming positions, the SHA follows the Hockey Canada Safe Step Screening process. In addition, Criminal Record Checks must be submitted for all positions listed below:

  • SHA Board of Director
  • SHA Staff Member
  • SaskFirst Program’ Coach or Trainer
  • SHA Instructor for Cross-Ice, Half-Ice, Female Festival and Female Futures’ events
  • SHA Officials
  • SHA Officiating Instructors
  • SHA Coach Facilitators and Mentors
  • SHA Officiating Development Program’ Leadership Team

The Saskatchewan Hockey Association recommends that all Minor Hockey Associations include Criminal Record Checks within their Minor Hockey Association Screening Policy for Board of Directors, Team Officials / Coaches, and all Instructors working with Minor Hockey Players and Officials. For more information on screening processes, check out the Hockey Canada Screening Policy and ScreeningToolbox.

SHA Screening Matrix

*The above screening matrix is provided as a recommendation for all Minor Hockey Associations to use in their screening practices.

Ethics and sport go hand-in-hand when it comes to providing an environment that is both healthy and prosperous for our game. Respect in Sport is an organization that strives to educate those involved in sport about the importance of inclusiveness and to identify/train those individuals with the proper response in times of conflict. The online Respect in Sport Activity Leaders / Coach Program educates youth leaders, coaches, officials and participants to recognize, understand and take action on issues of bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination. It may be the single most important training your leaders will receive to assist them in creating a safe, healthy and respectful environment for all participants!

The Respect in Sport Activity Leaders / Coach Program is a free online course with costs being covered by SaskSport. The program is a requirement for all SHA' Coaches, Team Officials, Officials, Staff and Board of Directors that are over sixteen years of age. With this resource, those involved in sport are provided examples and potential situations that may arise and how to properly deal with those situations. This in turn, provides a strong foundation for your organization as those involved will have a better understanding on this topic. For more information, click HERE.

Safety measures include policies and guidelines that have been implemented by the Saskatchewan Hockey Association in conjunction with Hockey Canada and/or partners such as Coaching Association of Canada and Respect In Sport. These assist in mediating risk in certain areas. Below is a listing of safety measures that are currently active within Saskatchewan hockey.

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