Safety Management

The Saskatchewan Hockey Association understands the importance of safety measures, including the screening of both employees and volunteers that are involved in our organization. The purpose of screening through the use of Criminal Record Checks is to identify individuals who may pose a risk to the organization and its participants.

Criminal Record Checks are included in point #10 of the Hockey Canada Screening Toolbox and are a requirement to participate in the followwing SHA activities and programming;

  • SHA Board of Director
  • SHA Staff Member
  • SaskFirst Program’ Coach or Trainer
  • SHA Instructor for Cross-Ice, Half-Ice, Female Festival and Female Futures’ events
  • SHA Officials
  • SHA Officiating Instructors
  • SHA Coach Facilitators and Mentors
  • SHA Officiating Development Program’ Leadership Team

The Saskatchewan Hockey Association recommends that all Minor Hockey Associations include Criminal Record Checks within their Minor Hockey Association Screening Policy for Board of Directors, Team Officials and all Instructors working with Minor Hockey Players and Officials. Below are two resources to guide you with screening processes.

Submit a Criminal Record Check

Use the link below if you are looking to submit a Criminal Record Check in conjunction with an application for SHA Programming or for all SHA Officials.

All submissions will be directed to McDougall Gauley LLP. A representative from McDougall Gauley LLP will follow up if any further information or clarification is required.

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