The Insurance Program must ensure that adequate financial resources are in place to compensate those who are injured or who have suffered a financial loss as the result of their involvement in hockey. It involves good financial management, so that funds are in place to meet claim obligations when they fall due. It also includes establishing control mechanisms so that only genuine claims are reimbursed.

Insurance is one important method of handling claims, but only when it is practical, possible and cost-effective. Ironically, insurance is not available to cover many hockey-related risk exposures, as many times the desired coverage is simply unaffordable.

Hockey Canada has constructed a National Insurance Program to provide financial resources to help deal with the cost of risks which confront organized hockey.

Hockey Canada and each of the Branches of which Hockey Canada is comprised is specifically named as an insured, and all sub-associations, leagues and teams which form a part of Hockey Canada. It includes any officer, director, employee, coach, volunteer worker, instructor, referee or member of a Committee while acting within the scope of his or her duties. It includes members of any teams, leagues, Branch teams, division teams, national teams or international teams provided all are registered with or affiliated with Hockey Canada.

More information is available in the addition pages under insurance. However if you require further clarification on an insurance claim, please call the SHA office at (306) 789-5101

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